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Rather than risk the uncertain, choose college, a degree, and a full time job?  If you’re Drew Davis, you quit your job, pack your piano and what you can carry.  That’s what artists have to do.  They can’t live happily doing anything else.  It’s not safe, but safety isn’t the point.

“Don’t get me wrong, a steady paycheck and sleeping in the same bed every night are easy things to miss.  But when I look at my life as a whole, I am one of the luckiest people I know. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Drew’s musical path first began at the age of six, when she first started writing songs at her family piano in Columbus, OH.  As a high school senior, her musical talent was evident.  It was clear that she had the chops to pursue a career full time. Instead she opted for a more traditional college experience and pursued her degree at the University of Georgia.

“When I graduated from University of Georgia in 2012, I was finally emotionally ready to give music a shot, but I received an opportunity for what I thought would be a part time office job the day I moved to Austin.”

The struggle to balance a job and a music career is common for many budding musicians.  But as Drew found herself dedicating more and more time to her now full-time job, her passion for her music career became the primary focus.  Finally, it became clear that it was time to make a serious decision.

“Life shouldn’t be about being comfortable.  I don’t know if I will ever really be secure because of how uncertain the “industry” is. But that is a risk I am willing to take. More than that, it’s a risk I have to take if I want to feel that I am truly striving for something.“

After quitting her job, there wasn’t much left to do besides pack up her car and begin traveling the country.  Two national tours later, Drew is now prepping a new album release set for late 2014.  She has been offered the opportunity embark on her first European tour.  A new album and a European tour – how is a musician without a job able to afford such things?

Drew turned to IndieGoGo and created a campaign to crowdfund her new album and tour.  And the campaign proved that her decision to leave her job and tour the country was the right one.  Donations have poured in from around the world and the campaign is already 80% complete.  Download Drew Davis’ BitTorrent Bundle here and continue on to Drew Davis’ IndieGoGo Campaign to support a more than well-deserving artist.

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