Pants Velour Drop New Singles and Exclusive Content with BitTorrent Bundle

Pants Velour partners with BitTorrent Bundle to give fans new singles and exclusive videos to celebrate the release of their new single “High in the City”, out now on Tommy Boy Entertainment.

Tommy Boy Entertainment is a legendary brand in hip hop. The ability to identify an artist who can impact change on the mainstream is built into their history. De La Soul, Naughty by Nature, and Biz Markie are a few of the transformative artists that have at one time called Tommy Boy their home. New York City’s own Pants Velour is the latest addition to the storied roster at Tommy Boy.

“We had been on Tommy Boy’s radar in the past, but we made the decision to take a nine-month break to write new material. We emerged with these new tracks, and at that point they were looking for a new artist. Someone doing something a little different, something fun, a little irreverent and we fit the bill.“

Pants Velour share the same traits as their Tommy Boy predecessors: a sound that blurs the lines between pop and hip-hop, an infectious energy, and the same irreverence that’s always propelled Tommy Boy artists to the top of the charts.

“I think we’re a serious band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The themes of our music are like an inside joke, but everyone’s invited.”

Tommy Boy Entertainment and Pants Velour have teamed up with BitTorrent to offer fans a gift to celebrate the release of Pants Velour’s new single High in the City. Download the Pants Velour BitTorrent Bundle and meet the newest member of the Tommy Boy family.  Get the singles Fretless and Taxidermist, new music videos, the band’s last EP, The Quest of 7 Jones and artwork. Check out an exclusive interview with Pants Velour and BitTorrent’s Matt Mason below and get more familiar with the new Tommy Boy artist.

Buy Pants Velour’s new single “High in the City” on iTunes

Check out Pants Velour on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

Pants Velour X BitTorrent Bundle

01 Pants Velour Interview w Matt Mason [Film]
02 Taxidermist and Fretless Singles [Audio]
03 High in the City and Taxidermist Music Videos [Film]
04 Pants Velour debut album Quest for 7 Jones [Audio]
05 Taxidermist Lyric Posters [Art]

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