Staff Picks: The Immortal Augustus Gladstone

Staff Picks is dedicated to surfacing the best music, film, and art downloads on the Internet; digitally handmade by BitTorrent Publishers. Read on for this week’s finds.

In this edition of Staff Picks: a feature film from director Robyn Miller, co-creator of Myst, the renowned graphic adventure puzzle video game.  The Immortal August Gladstone is a mockumentary chronicling the 156 year-old vampire Augustus Gladstone and his fixation on celebrity in the digital age.

“The strangely poetic movie, however, is similarly characterized by an enigma.  That enigma is Augustus himself…” -Washington Post

Download the The Immortal August Gladstone Bundle and get a comprehensive look into the making of the film. In addition to giving you the whole film in HD for free, the director has curated a killer Bundle for fans including trailers, soundtracks, outtakes, audition tapes, production notes, posters and more.

The only stipulation from Robyn Miller for downloading this incredible package – just tell your friends about it. Why? Because you’ll make the talented artists and filmmakers who spent years making this film really happy.

Check out Zoo Break Gun Club  for more releases from the director Robyn Miller.

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