G-Eazy X BitTorrent Bundle: These Things Happen

G-Eazy drops a BitTorrent exclusive: his entire discography, B-Sides, remixes, art — and a first listen to These Things Happen, out June 23.

We’re told that making it in music requires playing by the rules. That it’s about getting on the radio. That everything comes down to the single. That recognition is something that happens overnight. That nothing comes to fans for free. These music industry assumptions have governed over hip hop for more than a decade. They no longer apply.

G-Eazy has built a career in music by upending its common wisdom: by doing it his own way — song by song, download by download, fan by fan. This dedication to craft and connection has earned him a top-10 self-released record on iTunes and Billboard, an arena tour with Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, and IT, sold-out headliner status, and now These Things Happen: his latest full length album, and a life’s work.


#TheseThingsHappen because of fans. More than 1,000 people around the world retweeted #TheseThingsHappen in less than one minute. Today, G-Eazy is giving back. The Internet just unlocked an exclusive Bundle of G-Eazy tracks.

Download the  These Things Happen Bundle to get an exclusive mini-mix of of the new album, an exclusive remix EP, These Things Also Happened, plus a curated digital box set from the artist: including The Endless Summer, Must Be Nice, Must Be Twice, new remixes, rare B-Sides, tour posters, behind the scenes photos, and more.

These Things Happen when you’re a fan of an artist like G Eazy.  Download the Bundle, and find out why.

G-Eazy X BitTorrent Bundle

Instant Download

01 These Things Happen Mini-Mix [Album Sampler]
02 Must Be Nice [Album]
03 G-Eazy Merchandise [Site]
04 These Things Happen [Album Art]
05 Curated Photo Collection [Art]
06 “The Day It All Changed” [Unreleased Audio]
07 “The Endless Summer” [Mixtape]

Unlocked Download

08 G-Eazy Art [Posters and Graphics]
09 B-Sides [Unreleased Audio]
10 Extras [Rare Mixtape Tracks and Singles]
11 G-Eazy “Loaded” ft. Carnage [Video]
12 “Let’s Get Lost” ft. Devon Baldwin (Jarreau Vandal Remix) [Audio]
13 “Monica Lewinsky” ft. Skizzy Mars [Unreleased Audio]
14 Must Be Twice [Christoph Andersson Remixes]

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Photo Credit: Bobby Bruderle

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