Should Be Stopped?

Decode the Disk0 Bundle, enter the Phuture Doom universe, and decide: will you Transcend, Decay, or Initiate…

Last week a reddit user named Dial0gic claimed to be developing an application called It’s allegedly a torrent client and peer-to-peer network enhanced with artificial intelligence features. Intrigued, we immediately reached out requesting answers.

dialogic reddit post

While Dial0gic refused to identify themselves, they agreed to let us in on another secret:

“An entity named The Bureau messaged us before you did, demanding we examine Disk0 – a torrent bundle containing a study of the future. We will seed Disk0 for you so long as you reject the 12 Laws and allow us to continue developing”

After downloading Disk0, we cautiously sifted through its contents looking for the 12 laws. An array of audio, visual, and interactive pieces unfolded into a soundscaped saga depicting the Phuture – a post-human world wherein the human race has split into two opposing factions. One one side, The Transcendents embraced the singularity eagerly merging their human minds and bodies with machine parts and features. The Orthodoxy, on the other extreme, rejected all forms of machine enhancement; celebrating themselves as pure humans.

A short film on Disk0 entitled Phuneral Phuture took us on a journey through this divided world.

Determined to find the 12 laws Dial0gic denounced and make sense of all this, we analyzed a Readme document in Disk0 that led us to a series of passcodes and a portal to unlock them. The 12 laws, we learned, are commandments belonging to a cult of dissidents who call themselves Phuturists. Facing censorship and persecution from The Transcendents and The Orthodoxy, the only way Phuturists can spread and preserve these commandments is through decentralized data sets (torrents) like Disk0.

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Though seemingly outlandish, this whole ordeal led us to reflect on the importance of preserving our freedoms of speech, exchange, and privacy. While today we can declare “People, not servers” and “Artists Should Have Options” on public billboards and exchange ideas, information and art freely, these Phuturists are limited to digital loopholes.

Stephen Hawking recently declared that it would be “the worst mistake in history” to dismiss the threat of artificial intelligence. “Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks… All of us should ask ourselves what we can do now to improve the chances of reaping the benefits and avoiding the risks.”

Is the study contained in Disk0 propaganda designed by The Bureau or Phuturists to prevent Dial0gic from giving machines too much power with And what kind of Bureau is this anyway? Who does it work for, what does it stand for, is it deceiving us? All these questions racing through our minds now begged for answers.

So we’re turning to you. We want to know what you believe. Do your part by unlocking the evidence and deciding for yourself. Should we shutdown now together or let the phuture bring what it may? The choice is yours: Transcend, Decay, or Initiate….


P1: readme
P2: transmissions_phuneral phuture
P3: scripture_book of nightfall
P4: nightfall_ep
P5: graphic_phuture
P6: stems_the dodecalogue
P7: disk0_inputs
P8: networks

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