Friday Download: Twin Berlin

Friday Download is dedicated to curating the best download-able objects on the web, courtesy of BitTorrent Bundle Publishers.

In this edition of FDL: Connecticut rock-n-roll trio Twin Berlin returns to BitTorrent Bundle with their new album Sleazebrain. Founded in 2009, Twin Berlin quickly rose to the top of the ranks in the Boston rock scene when MTV named them Best Breakout Band: Boston. Things continued to progress quickly for Twin Berlin. Their 2012 EP There Goes My Virtue, was produced by rock icon Travis Barker (Blink 182, Transplants) and featured artwork designed by Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh.

In February 2014, Twin Berlin self-released their new full-length, Sleazebrain. called the new album “an indie scrawl hinting at shades of some other powerful rock trio (think Dinosaur Jr., Nirvana, Blink-182)” Now, Twin Berlin have brought their new album to BitTorrent Bundle. Download the Sleazebrain Bundle, and a get a free download of seven of the eleven of the new album. Enter your email to unlock the final four tracks.

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