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BitTorrent was founded to support certain freedoms. The right to speak. The right to connect. The right to create. The right to an open Internet, and a better shared Internet future. These freedoms should be hardcoded. They can be: thanks to people like you.

If you’re a developer, designer, research, or product manager looking to use your skills for good, we’ve got an awesome project. Code for America is looking for 2015 Fellows to help apply innovative technology and thinking to some of the problems our governments face.


In the four years Code for America has been doing this work, 102 fellows have been embedded in 32 local governments across the U.S. to build applications that address issues that are important to the local community.

Fellows have worked on projects to increase access to social services, explore alternatives to incarceration, and create new avenues for public participation. Fellows have worked with their government partners to leverage data to make more informed decisions and design government services so that they work for the residents who use them. Fellows have helped launch Brigades in their cities, and have forged relationships between community groups and the government so that they can work on the issues facing their communities together.

Code for America is looking for 2015 Fellows to help collaborate on new government solutions. Want to see how it all works? Download the BitTorrent Bundle, for an interactive guide to Code to America: featuring videos, interviews, and more.

Apply to be a Code for America Fellow, today.

All applications are due by July 15, 2014.

Code for America X BitTorrent Bundle

01 What if? PSA [Video]
02 Code for America Fellows: Why they Code [Video]
03 Make the World a Better Place: Apply Now [PDF]
04 Showing What is Possible [Video]
05 Why I’m Coding for America: Lyzi Diamond [PDF]
06 Fellowship FAQ [PDF]
07 Code for America Fellows: Spotlight – Allen Square [Video]
08 Citizen Experience: Designing for Residents [Video]
09 Coding a Better Government [Video]
10 Cathering Bracy: Diversity in the Tech Industry – PDM Talk [Video]
11 Code for the Caribbean [Video]


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