Future Folk X BitTorrent Bundle

Visitors from space discover music, save the world.

Future Folk feels like the last dive bar band: bluegrass, unserious, and in-between-worlds. They’re also from space, which explains the outfits. If you’ve never heard of alien-roots music before, The History of Future Folk breaks it down.

The acclaimed micro-budget indie film directed by J. Anderson Mitchell and Jeremy Kipp Walker tells the story of two dudes from planet Hondo who fall from space, discover bluegrass, and save the world. General Trius (Nils d’Aulaire) is sent down to earth as an assassin. He hears music for the first time, and gives up his mission. Another Hondonian, Kevin (Jay Klaitz), comes after him, and Future Folk is formed. They play bluegrass in backrooms, and stop comets from crash-landing.

In a film full of weird and poignant moments, maybe there’s none more than this: the totally alien feeling of hearing music for the first time. How beautiful, and how human, and how could you not want to stay here on earth.

As a thank you to all the fans who made this DIY project possible, Future Folk is releasing the Future Folk Vol.1 album, art, and live videos (including an exclusive live performance of “Space Worms”) as a BitTorrent Bundle. All you have to do to unlock space stuff is enter your email. And you can catch Future Folk screenings and live performances on this planet over the summer, courtesy of DoStuff Media.

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Future Folk X BitTorrent Bundle

Instant Download

01 Future Folk Trailer [Video]
02 Space Worms [Audio]
03 Universe Within [Audio]
04 Future Folk Band Photo [Art]
05 Future Folk (Part of) Earth Tour Poster [Art]
06 Future Folk Movie Poster [Art]
07 RSVP for Future Folk Tour Dates [HTML]
08 Purchase The History of Future Folk Movie [HTML]
09 Purchase the Future Folk Album [HTML]

Unlocked Download

10 Over The Moon: Live [Video]
11 Future Folk Theme Song [Audio]
12 Impossible Dream [Audio]
13 Over The Moon [Audio]
14 Fuzzy Claw [Audio]
15 Canines Came From Cosmic Space [Audio]
16 Pirate Krong [Audio]
17 Chromozome Z [Audio]
18 I Can Not Breathe In Your Atmosphere [Audio]
19 Moons of Hondo (Bonus Demo Version) [Audio]
20 Sting Theory: Live [Video]
21 Future Folk 13-Image Pack [Art]
22 Space Worms Comic [Art]
23 Space Worms: Live [Exclusive Video]

Why we love Future Folk: a long read.

Get The History of Future Folk on iTunes.


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