Ace Hood Brings The Best of Starvation to BitTorrent Bundle, and Ask Fans to Step Into the Booth

In the rapper’s new Bundle, a Starvation greatest hits package and the chance to collab with one of the top artists in rap music.

Ace Hood makes hip hop anthems. His stories of trap life realities and his upbringing in tough neighborhoods of southern Florida are what fuels his passion to succeed. As Ace’s records continue to top the charts, he knows that not long ago, he was fighting to find his own lane.

Finding the determination to persevere is a common theme in Ace’s music, and the fuel for his high energy delivery that serves as his trademark. Now he’s signed to Cash Money, with the full support from industry heavyweights DJ Khaled and Baby. For Ace, the future is yet to be seen, but the goal stays the same.


“I want to bring that timeless music back. I tell people a lot of time it’s funny that you’re able to hear a Biggie or Pac record in 2014, I want the same to be true for Ace Hood in 2022, that you’re still able to play that record because it’s classic.”

Ace Hood teamed with BitTorrent Bundle to create the The Best of Starvation Bundle, a hand-picked collection from his widely popular three-part Starvation mixtape series featuring 22 hand-picked tracks and the bonus track Supposed to Do feat. Skepta. Also, included are 8 HD music videos from the Starvation series, exclusive artwork, a Hood Nation merchandise coupon and one unheralded opportunity.

Ace is asking fans for their own feature, opening up a verse on his hit track Everyday. Aspiring artists can download the track, record their own verse and have their remix judged by Ace, himself by submitting their remix to Ace’s Everyday Remix Soundcloud Group.

Ace Hood 5

Ace Hood has made it to upper echelon of the rap game. Download The Best of Starvation Bundle to get your chance to for an exclusive collaboration with Broward County’s finest.

Ace Hood X BitTorrent Bundle Content:

01 Best of Starvation mixtape feat. 22 tracks and 8 music videos
02 Exclusive Everyday contest track with open verse
03 Bonus Track Supposed to Do feat. Skepta
04 Exclusive Best of Starvation Artwork
05 Photo Set
06 Hustle or Die Wallpaper
07 Merchandise Store Discount

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