Friday Download: Atari Teenage Riot

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In this edition of FDL: one part punk, one part electronic, and two parts anarchy – this is #digitalhardcore. Atari Teenage Riot are defenders of free expression. In the wake of growing concerns around the future of a free and open internet and the net neutrality debate, ATR has decided to make their voice heard, turning to BitTorrent to release the This Is Hyperreal Bundle.

Fusing German techno with punk rock agression, the band originally formed as a response to the growing neo-fascism movement in 1990’s Germany. Early in their career, ATR strayed from the bass-heavy trends dominating European electronic music in the nineties. ATR used distorted midrange frequencies and noise as the bedrock of their sound to create a new breed of experimental electronic music. The band’s live performances developed a reputation for being as explosive and unpredictable as their records. Without a clear genre to categorize the band, founding member Alec Empire coined their sound digital hardcore, using the descriptor to brand the band’s own label, Digital Hardcore Recordings.

By the end of the 1990’s, Atari Teenage Riot had established themselves as a groundbreaking act in the electronic music movement, touring with Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine and Beck. The band released 6 full length albums and numerous EP’s and singles throughout the nineties before going on hiatus in 2001 after the death of founding member DJ Carl Crack.


(Photo by Shannon Aliza)

“Every track is a iridescent explosion of nervous energy requesting your attendance in Atari Teenage Riot’s campaign party of education and awareness.”
-Alec Empire on This is Hyperreal

Atari Teenage Riot announced their first reunion shows in 2010 and soon followed their return to the stage with the release of 2011’s This is Hyperreal. The album took a bold stance, addressing censorship, free speech, and the freedom of the Internet. Referred to as “the ultimate protest album of the Google age”, the record spread quickly, striking a chord with many supporters of the Occupy and Wikileaks movements. Anonymous joined the band’s efforts, offering protest footage from the Occupy movement to create the Black Flags viral video. The song became known as the first anthem of the Occupy movement.


As a reaction to the future of a free and open Internet being at risk once again, Atari Teenage Riot have brought This is Hyperreal to BitTorrent Bundle. Download ATR’s This Is Hyperreal Bundle to get 5 free HD videos, including footage of the band’s stage invasion from the Fusion Festival. Enter your email to unlock the entire Is This Hyperreal album and HD album trailer.

Defend a free and open Internet. Make your voice heard. Download the Bundle.

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