The Inner World of Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo

New BitTorrent Bundle from Drafthouse Films goes behind the scenes of the surrealist love story, out in theaters today.

In Michel Gondry’s new film, pianos play cocktails. Guitar strings are made of sunshine. And lilypads grow inside; threatening to end a love affair. Mood Indigo, based on the cult novel by Boris Vian, is a bittersweet romance set in an surreal City of Lights: the story of wealthy inventor, Colin (Romain Duris) who falls for a maybe-doomed girl called Chloé (Audrey Tautou). It’s a hypervisual exploration of love and loss. And it’s been called Gondry’s “most accomplished and powerful film in almost a decade”.

In partnership with Drafthouse Films, we’re bringing you behind the scenes of Mood Indigo, and into Gondry’s studio. Download the Bundle, and unlock a curated photo collection, music, storyboards, and exclusive videos from the set. The surreal-est story is the one that never made it to the screen. Watch.

“Mood Indigo” is Michel Gondry’s return to form as one of the most exuberant voices of surrealism in cinema. It’s also a veritable cabinet of wonderments, and a significant achievement in the realm of practical special effects. With our latest BitTorrent Bundle, we’re offering fans the chance to go behind the scenes: to peer into Gondry’s mind, step into his workshop, and shed light on his creative process.
Jon Stobezki, Brand Manager, Drafthouse Films

Mood Indigo X BitTorrent Bundle

01 Mood Indigo Trailer [Video]
02 Mood Indigo: 5 Stills [Art]
03 Mood Indigo Soundtrack [Art]
04 Chloé Colin Ave [Audio]
05 Mais Aime La [Audio]
06 Colin Meets Chloé [Video]
07 Piano Cocktails [Video]
08 BTS: Letter to Audrey [Video Exclusive]
09 BTS: Set Creation [Video Exclusive]
10 Mood Indigo Storyboards [Art Exclusive]

Watch Mood Indigo in theaters.

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