Friday Download: Starboard Light

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In this edition of FDL: five generations of family history, through the lens of an extraordinary house. Filmmaker Nick Fitzhugh provides viewers with an intimate look at the history of his family’s vacation home Starboard Light, an oceanfront cottage built in 1800, and purchased by Fitzhugh’s great-grandfather in 1925. One of the earliest properties built in Cape Cod, the house was constructed long before America’s elite made the New England oceanfront area some of the most valued real estate in the country.

As each new member of the family made their annual summer pilgrimage to Starboard Light, the home became a time capsule documenting the Fitzhugh family history. Dusty photos and antiques throughout the house offer vivid memories and family stories to be told by fireside or while walking the same beaches as their parents and grandparents did before them. Over ninety years, Starboard Light has been woven into the lives of generations of family and friends who’ve all shared the same simple, gratifying experience of watching the waves break from the deck of the oceanfront property.


The surrounding areas have now modernized. Quaint cottages are being replaced with palatial family estates, and close-knit local communities have been clouded by an influx of new tourism. Rising real estate and maintenances costs forced the family to make the difficult decision to sell the historic property, inspiring the filmmaker to document the house’s rich contribution to the Fitzhugh family history. This cottage is much more than just a family vacation home, it’s the oldest member of the family.

Download the Starboard Light Bundle to check out the trailer, stills and music from the film, and assorted exclusive content documenting the making of the movie. Enter your email to unlock the first eleven minutes of the film, a video tour of the home and an exclusive Q&A with the director. Check out more excellent titles from redfitz.

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