Friday Download: Youthquaker Premieres 3 Tracks from Projections

Inside the new BitTorrent Bundle from Illangelo and Phlo Finister’s band Youthquaker.

Youthquake was a term coined by Vogue’s Diana Vreeland; shorthand for the social disruption of the 60s. What started as a moment in time became a sprawling movement: a shared belief in self-expression that we’ve handed down over the years. We’re all Warhol’s children. We own the night.

Illangelo and Phlo Finister’s Youthquaker sets out to recapture this spirit. The project from the GRAMMY Award-winning producer (and The Weeknd collaborator) is cinematic, textured, and timeless: 90s trip hop + the sound of the 70s. Your first listen is here.

Being yourself is being a Youthquaker. Soon, it’s gonna be too diverse for anyone to be uncomfortable with themselves. I’m gonna expose the world.
Phlo Finister

Youthquaker is debuting three new tracks from their upcoming album, Projections, as a BitTorrent Bundle. Download the Bundle, and unlock the movement: in song, video, and art.

Youthquaker x BitTorrent Bundle

01 Vision (Audio)
02 Introduction (Audio)
03 Plasticity (Audio)
04 Youthquaker Projections I (Art)
05 Youthquaker Polaroid Set (8 Photos)
06 Support Youthquaker (HTML)
07 Vision Projection Video (Video)
08 Introduction Projection Video (Video)
09 Plasticity Projection Video (Video)
10 Asylum Projection Video (Video)
11 Introduction Lyric Sheet (Art)
12 Live/Backstage Photo Collection (9 Photos)

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