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In this edition of FDL: a San Diego duo merging gritty hip-hop with pop sensibilities. Vibe’s first incarnation began when rapper Chris Young and producer/multi-instrumentalist Rossy met while attending college in Arizona. Dorm room jam sessions birthed an exciting blend of accessible hip-hop destined to spread far beyond their college campus.

Fast forward to 2014, Vibe is commanding attention from mainstream radio airwaves to major festivals. In the past year alone, the band was co-signed by MTV RapFix’s Sway Calloway and received the honor of debuting one of their music videos at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s clear that Vibe is knocking on the door of major success. We recently sat down with Young and Rossy to talk about their new BitTorrent Bundle and what’s on the horizon for Vibe.

VIBE (Mural)

A Sit Down with Vibe’s Chris Young and Rossy

On the come up

Rossy: We met in school in 2007 at University of Arizona. Chris rapped, I played guitar and drums and shit. We just started writing and putting songs together, blending a pop vibe with hip hop and rap, and it didn’t take long for us to start buiding fans on campus. It was about 2011 when Vibe really started to take shape as a band.

Chris Young: We were both independent artists before Vibe started. We each had our own perspective and ideas, and when we came together, we started influencing each other and started building the project from there.

The next step was adding live instrumentation, so the live show has as much energy as possible. We’ve seen the fans respond. They’re fucking with the music. They connect with what we’re doing. We’ve been able to build a community of fans – the Vibe Tribe – they’re fans who really fuck with good music, and they help us drive our vision for tomorrow.

On the digital grind

Chris Young: There used to be only one way to listen to music – you would buy the vinyl, and that was it. It allowed artists to be a lot more mysterious and deliver their entire being in their music. There wasn’t a twitter account or instagram, so the music was the focus. Now you have the option to engage your fans daily. We’re people-people – we engage with our fans. From the first tracks we posted on our Facebook 4-5 years ago, we were able to get a direct response and great feedback from new fans immediately. That’s what drove us to keep writing and keep building this project.

With Bundle, you’re able to get a project from an artist – not just a track or an album of mp3s. You can share your entire brand.

Rossy: We’re children of the Internet generation. We grew up with it. When older artists push these social campaigns like releasing albums via Samsung, and things like that, I mean it’s dope that it’s happening, but it’s not really authentic. For us, growing up in the Internet age, we know how use social media to engage with fans in our voice, which seems a bit more real and makes fans feel like they’re supporting us as people, not a marketing gimmick.

On BitTorrent Bundle

Rossy: There’s so many platforms that take, take, take, take from the artist. There’s some reciprocation if fans come out to the shows, but it’s tough when you get zero info about people buying your music. With Bundle, you’re able to get a project from an artist – not just a track or an album of mp3s. You can share your entire brand. We excited to find new fans among BitTorrent users and also give something special to our fans who are ready for the Bundle.

Chris Young: The Vibe Bundle has two of our most popular videos. It also has our newest single “Hotz for Me”. There’s also some great remixes from amazing producers, AbJo from a new collective in LA called Soulection, and Marce Reazon who has produced tracks for Kanye and Wale. We’re also launching our new merch site, which we’re real excited about. The Vibe Bundle is the launch of the next season of Vibe.

On the future of Vibe

Chris Young: We’re working on a new project right now. It will be a 13-14 track full-length album. We’ll also just formed a great partnership with Dream Out Loud and Make a Wish Foundation. We’re going to be able to provide kids with terminal illnesses the ability to be in a music video and live out their dreams, whether they want to be a singer, a rapper or dancer. It’s an amazing project. We’re really stoked about it.

Download the Vibe Bundle to unlock singles, music videos, remixes and merchandise offers. Once you have the Bundle, stay up to date on Vibe by visiting their official website for info on new tour dates and releases and to get the latest Vibe apparel.

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