Taking a Stand for Net Neutrality on Internet Slowdown Day, September 10

We are taking action on September 10th as part of Internet Slowdown Day, showing you what life will be like in the Slow Lane.

We’ve been front and center in the Net Neutrality discussion since its inception, and we’re not sitting it out now.

With a decision on the new rules for the Internet from the FCC looming, the window of time to be heard on this issue is closing. What’s at stake is no small affair.

What needs to be clear is that these new rules must protect against three things, at minimum:

– No blocking of traffic.
– No discrimination of traffic.
– No Paid Priority, what’s known as the Internet “Fast Lane.”

A compromise to any of these values represents egregious harm to free speech, innovation, user access and control.

Next Wednesday, September 10th, Internet users, advocates, and major tech companies are joining forces to let their voices be heard. Along with companies like Engine, Etsy, Kickstarter, Automattic (WordPress), Namecheap, Reddit, Imgur, Vimeo, Mozilla, Foursquare, BoingBoing, Dwolla, Fight for the Future and others, BitTorrent will raise awareness for what’s at stake.

We’ve showed you what a world with Fast Lane’s preferential treatment might look like. Now, on September 10, this coalition will take a stand on the Slow Lane.

Image: Flickr/William Warby

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