The Main Event: BitTorrent’s Matt Mason will Debate, then Fight, at Fantastic Fest 2014

Arguing for BitTorrent’s role in distributing films and other media, our own Matt Mason is stepping into the ring for Fantastic Fest 2014.

We think BitTorrent is the distribution method of the future. One that will be beneficial to artists and audiences alike. Wanna fight about it?

Our own Chief Content Officer, Matt Mason, will be doing just that on September 20 in Austin, Texas at the Fantastic Debates, part of Fantastic Fest 2014. The rules are simple: two people debate a topic – in this case, the value of p2p sharing for media – and then have a good old fashioned fistfight.

Check out Matt’s “Open Call” video below:

At the event, Matt will be taking the podium and getting in the ring with Todd Brown, an independent filmmaker and Director of International Programming at Fantastic Fest.

See Brown’s response video to Matt below:

If you are in the Austin area and wish to support Matt in his fight, Fantastic Fest is offering tickets to the public for $25 — a first for the event. Otherwise, wish Matt good luck on Twitter and stay tuned for a recap!

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