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In this edition of FDL: a digital history from Swiss producer Little People. Laurent Clerc (AKA Little People) found his calling as a teenager in the Swiss Alps when he first heard Wu Tang Clan and DJ Premier. Hooked on NY hip hop, he scoured local record shops, digging for rare releases and samples to inspire his next track. With burgeoning fanbases throughout the UK and Europe, Laurent was soon labelled a young European producer on the rise.

As Laurent’s production abilities blossomed, he began experimenting with new sounds and live instrumentation. With a new electronic style in mind, his sample-driven sound morphed as he created more expressive soundscapes. Little People’s unique downtempo tracks flourished, finding audiences throughout the US and European electronic scenes.

As Little People prepares for a new US Tour and a relocation to the States, he has opened the door to his vault, releasing his entire discography to his fans as a BitTorrent Bundle. We took a moment to sit down with Laurent to get the whole scoop on Little People. Read up.

Bittorrent: Your exposure to underground hip hop from the States was a catalyst for you to start creating music when you were growing up in Switzerland. What kind of artists influenced your early work as a producer? How did these early influences impact you as an artist?

Little People: Listening to the Wu Tang Clan was kind of a key in terms of my first forays into hip hop. Similarly, Gangstarr and Dj Premier. The sampling aesthetic of hip hop from that era, with those punchy drum breaks and cut and paste samples. This still influences my drum sounds today. I subsequently turned my ears towards more electronic music, but hip hop remains the foundation to a lot of what i do.

BitTorrent: What differences do you see from artist development in the UK/Europe in comparison with US? Are there any obvious differences you see between the electronic music scenes in the States and the scenes in UK/Europe?

Little People: I find that the music scene in the UK is a far more elitist affair than the US for instance. It really is about who is hot at the moment. The US is far more open place and certain scenes exist outside the normal press channels. I have nothing but love for the US scene, because i’ve luckily been received really well here. If you manage to strike a chord with enough fans here, you’ll probably do well here. In fact i’ve just recently relocated from the UK to the US to concentrate on building my profile here.


BitTorrent: How have you seen evolution of electronic music through the course of your career? What do you expect from the future of electronic music?

Little People: Electronic music has been hugely influenced by the proliferation of the internet throughout my career. (My own music and career has most definitely been impacted by it positively). The fact that now you can put a track together and put out there for the world to listen almost instantly – all from a laptop – is not something that was as easy 10-15 years ago. Now, to get your music music released, the hoops to jump through are very few. So it does give anyone the opportunity to find their audience, however on the flip side, there’s very little quality control and there is so much music out there it’s hard to pick out the good stuff. Lots of people begrudge the whole EDM thing. I doesn’t faze me. I just don’t listen to it.

I guess i’m borrowing little bit from Brian Eno’s approach here, where i like creating happy accidents and generate new ideas that eventually become fully fledged songs.

It’s hard to know what will happen in the future… we’ve already seen producers getting younger and younger and with all these generation for digital natives coming through that trend will probably carry on i’m sure. Beyond that, i wish i knew!

BitTorrent: How do you approach producing a new track?

Little People: My philosophy when it comes to making music revolves around the technical intricacies of music production. I like finding new processes and ways of creating sounds – this is what drives the music i make. I guess i’m borrowing little bit from Brian Eno’s approach here, where i like creating happy accidents and generate new ideas that eventually become fully fledged songs.


BitTorrent: What can fans expect from your upcoming US Tour? Are there any releases you have in the works for the end of 2014 or early 2015?

Little People: I will be incorporating a visual element to my live show for my upcoming dates this fall – something i’m very excited about. I’m also planning on trying out some unreleased material and see how people respond to it. I have a few remixes slated for release for end of 2014 and i’m hoping to see some proper Little People releases in 2015… stay tuned.

BitTorrent: What made you choose BitTorrent Bundle for your discography release? What will fans find in the Bundle?

Little People: Well there has always been people making my music available via torrents and it’s part of the digital world we live in. Making my own bundle let’s curate the contents myself and ensure this quality is up to scratch. It’s also nice for fans to have everything in one easy download. This particular Bundles contais all the material i’ve released in the past for free, so there’s no need for anyone having to go through my whole soundcloud to get my all tracks.

Download the Little People – Free Discography Bundle and unlock albums, EP’s, singles and b-sides from from the producer. Once you’ve got the Bundle, pick up tickets to see Little People on tour this Fall in the US.

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