BitTorrent Palooza Report: September 2014

Every couple of months, BitTorrent’s staff takes two days to come up with an innovative project that embraces the company’s goals — an event called the Palooza. Here’s the results of what happened this week.

In a longstanding tradition at BitTorrent, the company came together for a two-day hackathon, also known as a Palooza. The bi-monthly event has not only become a great avenue for BitTorrent employees to explore new ideas, but also a place where great ideas become company products. That’s why BitTorrent Labs exists. It’s the birthplace of Bundle, Sync and, most recently, Bleep.

When the dust cleared on Monday morning, it’s clear that the teams delivered. In fact, so well that we can’t tell you the details of the project that won the Palooza. The team behind Bleep, including frequent blog contributor Farid Fadaie, clinched the win with a special concept that we hope to share with you in the near future.

Engineer Farid Fadaie discussing the winning project

Engineer Farid Fadaie discussing the winning project

A close second place came in the form of improvements to the BitTorrent client, developed by Jordan Steeves, KeVon Ticer, Natali Rodquiguez and Jordy Berson.

One notable project went to Engineer and Chief Architect Arvid Norberg, whose proof-of-concept combined two separate methods to fortify privacy within the distributed hash table (DHT).

2014-09-22 16.20.46

Engineer Arvid Norberg presenting his work on DHT

Paloozas have become an integral way for our teams to innovate, creating new concepts and making important strides in the ongoing development of our current products. We’re looking forward to sharing more about how we’re making life better soon.

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