BitTorrent Bundle X Foreally

Jude Angelini (Rude Jude of Shade45’s All Out Show) and Ross Rowe (Senim Silla of Binary Star) bring their podcast to BitTorrent.

Ross and Jude are boyhood friends that grew up in Pontiac, Michigan. They may or may not be high school graduates, but for whatever they lack in higher education, they make up for with untried and untrue, highly opinionated personal dogma and philosophy.

Today, they’re bringing that dogma to BitTorrent. The Foreally Show Bundle features 8 original episodes of the podcast, curated photos, an exclusive video, and a first look at Jude’s new book, Hyena. Grab the Bundle, and get caught up.

More from Foreally here. Get the full story with Jude’s new book, Hyena, out now on Amazon.

Words With Foreally: On 20 Years of Storytelling, Stream of Consciousness, and the Start of a Podcast.

BitTorrent: How did the Foreally Show come about?

Jude Angelini: Ross kept bugging me about doing a video show, even though we didn’t have a camera, anyone to shoot it, edit it, or a plan. What we did have was some microphones so we opted to do a podcast instead.

My buddy described it best. It’s like sitting around talking to your homies without being able to get a word in edgewise. We hope for world peace.

I do a radio show on Sirius that plays a lot of music and this podcast is a nice way to unwind, slow down the pace, and talk some shit. Y’all get to benefit from the chemistry of two guys knowing each other for twenty plus years having a conversation.

BitTorrent: How do you approach building each episode?

Jude Angelini: The episodes tend to do the best when we have no plan, and it’s run like stream-of-consciousness. We find that when there is a plan we often sound contrived. Do we miss out on some topics because of this approach? Yes. But what we do speak on, sounds fresh.

BitTorrent: How has the show evolved over time? Where do you see it going?

Jude Angelini: It hasn’t, we’re stagnant… Just kidding! When we first started, we made a point not to have guests on, as we wanted to get comfortable on the mics with each other. The last few months we’ve really hit our stride. Now we’re bringing on more guests, and it’s definitely added to the show.

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