Friday Download: KDrew

Good Game Records launches their label with an exclusive first look at the upcoming EP by KDrew.

In this edition of Friday Download: a new label opens up shop on BitTorrent Bundle. Good Game Records is a grassroots collective of awesome artists and creatives, dedicated to new media innovation. KDrew is the very first of them: a producer who’s fast emerging as one of EDM’s most talented. His upcoming EP, Signals, marks the first release from the new label. You can exclusively preview a track from it here, first.

Download the BitTorrent Bundle, and unlock an exclusive 6-track sampler, a preview of the upcoming single “Tonight”, plus exclusive videos, art, and more.

KDrew Signals BitTorrent Bundle

“Let Me Go” Preview (Video)
“All Or Nothing” (Audio)
“Break The House” (Audio)
“Bullseye” (Audio)
“Circles” (Audio)
“Halogen” (Audio)
“Last Train To Paradise” (Audio)
Curated Images & Photos (Art)
Wallpapers (Art)
“Tonight” Preview (Audio)
KDrew Q+A (Video)


Words with KDrew: On Signals, Sharing, and the Evolution of EDM

BitTorrent: What got you into music? What made you decide to pursue it as more than a passion, but a career? Was there a point where you were like: this can work, or this has to work?

KDrew: My dad was in a rock band, so growing up playing around in his studio I heard everything from Michael Jackson to Soundgarden.

“I was always a fan of music, but the production aspect of it was what got me hooked.”

It was a combo of loving to make music, and not being a fan of school. Everything else somehow just seemed to fall into place. I wake up everyday asking myself that question. There are times it’s hard for me to believe that I’m actually doing something that I love for a living.

BitTorrent: How did you get into electronic? How has your style evolved over time? How has the genre evolved over time?

KDrew: I’ve always enjoyed dance music but it was when I heard dubstep for the first time that I really decided to get involved in the scene. I have so many influences, so my sound is constantly evolving. Plus, I enjoy the challenge of creating different kinds of music. I love doing rock and pop tracks with a little bit of dub or house influence within them. It’s cool because the scene is always changing and evolving so peoples’ musical pallets are being exposed to so much different stuff. I love it!

BitTorrent: What influences you? What inspires you? What are some of the key themes you explore in your work?

KDrew: First and foremost, I’m inspired by life in general. Second, a constant yearning to perfect my craft, and third, the love of what I do. As far as themes, I’m currently working with a lot of organic/ambient textures. I like combining something pretty with something aggressive. I’m also a big fan of Coldplay so, like them, I’m always trying to make my records as big as they can be.

BitTorrent: The music industry has transitioned so massively over the last five years (some would call it chaos). What do you see as some of the possibilities or opportunities within this new landscape?

KDrew: It’s funny that some people consider it chaos, I’ve always dreamed of the industry being this way. I feel the evolution of the music industry has been changing the old school ideologies that have polluted the music business for a long time.

“Music is made to be heard and shared. There’s more opportunity now to connect directly with fans, as well as get your music to them.”

It’s crazy because you can do something in your bedroom one day and the next day you’re charting on iTunes because of some viral video that had your track in it. There is no conventional way of “making it” anymore, which is so exciting.

BitTorrent: What went into the making of the upcoming Signals EP? What can we expect from the record?

KDrew: Just like anything else, it starts with an idea, then you bring it to life; then you question it, you revise it; then you question it again and revise it some more. What’s so cool about finishing a body of work is that at the end you’ve grown so much from when you started it. You can expect something I’m extremely proud of, as well as a glimpse into the future of where my project is headed.


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