Friday Download: Check Yo Ponytail

In this edition of Friday Download: an influential live music pioneer continues to give fans “more than just a show”. Check Yo Ponytail has established itself as a leading influencer in the world of live music. From the Los Angeles company’s inception in 2006, CYP has been responsible for introducing numerous groundbreaking artists to the City of Angels including Justice, Diplo and Boys Noize to name a few.

As the brand expanded beyond the confines of the LA club scene, CYP and IHEARTCOMIX founder Franki Chan made the move to take his diverse lineups and live experiences on the road, launching the first Check Yo Ponytail National Tour in 2011. This year’s CYP 2014 Tour follows suit with The Presets, Le1f, Antwon, Chela and Franki Chan joining forces for one of the most diverse tour billings this year.


CYP and BitTorrent Bundle have teamed to bring you the Check Yo Ponytail 2014 Tour Bundle, loaded with content from the performers on the CYP Tour 2014, including an exclusive of Antwon’s latest remix album ‘Heavy Hearted in the Function’, 3 unreleased tracks from Chela, and an exclusive opportunity to pre-order Chela’s newest single “Handful of Gold”. Also included, a digital box set of CYP content including tour videos, a first look at the CYP TV pilot, all access footage, and a mass collection of art and promotional assets documenting the history of the brand.

Download the Bundle to unlock this exclusive Check Yo Ponytail digital collection. Once you’ve downloaded the Bundle, click here to check get tickets for the Check Yo Ponytail 2014 Tour.

Check Yo Ponytail BitTorrent Bundle

Antwon – Heavy Hearted In The Function: The Remixes LP (Music)
3 Exclusive new tracks from Chela (Music)
Chela Photo Set (Photos)
Check Yo Ponytail Tour Poster (Artwork)
Check Yo Ponytail Tour Video (Video)
The Presets Remixes (Music)
The Presets Photo Set (Photos)
LE1F Photo Set (Photos)
Original Franki Chan CYP Tour Illustrations (Artwork)
CYP Tour Poster by Jennifer May Reiland (Artwork)
Check Yo Ponytail TV Show Pilot Sizzle Reel (Video)
Check Yo Ponytail TV Show Pilot Taping Photos by Caesar Sebastian (Photos)
Chela – Live At Check Yo Ponytail TV Show (Love Is Selfish) (Video)
Chela – Live At Check Yo Ponytail TV Show (Romanticize) (Video)
Bleached – Poison Ivy / CYP TV Music Video (Video)
Check Yo Ponytail ‘More Than A Show’ Mini Documentary (Video)
CYP Movie ‘Get Amongst It’ Movie Posters (Artwork)
CYP Movie ‘Get Amongst It’ Movie Trailer (Video)
CYP Movie ‘Get Amongst It’ Promotional Videos by Andrew W.K., Big Freedia, Eric Andre & 12th Planet (Video)
CYP Movie ‘Get Amongst It’ Kickstarter Prize Video (Video)
CYP Movie ‘Get Amongst It’ Telethon Best Of Recap Video (Video)
Best of Check Yo Ponytail Flyer Retrospective (Artwork)
Best of Check Yo Ponytail Caesar Sebastian Photos Retrospective (Photos)

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