Chasing Time: Remix Azealia Banks

Download and remix “Chasing Time” for the chance to win $10,000.

On November 6th, Azealia Banks dropped Broke With Expensive Taste. The album was three years in the making. And it was released on her terms: a brash, sprawling, and genre-skipping record that breaks down the divisions between sounds and scenes.

Today, Broke belongs to fans. Banks is sharing the stems to “Chasing Time” with producers and listeners around the world. Download the Bundle, and unlock the audio files. Upload your track to Soundcloud. One track will be chosen to win $10,000 direct from Azealia. Producers around the world are invited to remix. The submission deadline is December 15th.

Read more here. Grab the stems and start remixing. Post your remixes to the Soundcloud group.

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