Asking Alexandria’s Live From Brixton and Beyond Bundle is Available Now

The UK metal act’s new BitTorrent Bundle features hours of live concert video, behind-the-scenes footage, music videos and extras.

After a year of touring around the globe, Asking Alexandria is wrapping up 2014 with their debut live DVD release Live From Brixton and Beyond, available today on Sumerian Records on BitTorrent Bundle. Filmed at the O2 Academy in Brixton, the Live From Brixton and Beyond concert video features 17 blistering tracks from the band’s sold-out UK performance, but that’s not all. Fans who buy the Bundle will get over three hours of Asking Alexandria live footage and music videos, and exclusive extras from the band.

The Live From Brixton and Beyond Bundle includes two full Asking Alexandria concerts, a behind-the-scenes mini-documentary, and the entire Asking Alexandria music video collection. Also included in the Bundle is a hand-written note from Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce and exclusive photos sets and artwork from the band. Unlock the Bundle with a $10 payment to get this digital collection from Asking Alexandria and Sumerian Records.


‘Live From Brixton and Beyond’ BitTorrent Bundle

Instant Download
01 ‘Welcome’ – Live From Brixton and Beyond [Video]
02 ‘Closure’ – The Wiltern ‘Reckless Halloween’ Show [Video]
03 ‘Moving On’ – Music Video [Video]
04 Live From Brixton High Res Artwork [Art]
05 Behind the Scenes Photos by Ann Buster [Photos]

Paygate Unlock
01 ‘Live From Brixton and Beyond’ [Video]
02 ‘Brixton and Beyond: Behind the Scenes’ [Video]
03 ‘A Reckless Halloween’ Bonus Concert [Video]
04 Asking Alexandria Music Video Catalog [Video]
05 Handwritten Note from Ben Bruce [Art]
06 ‘Brixton and Beyond’ Artwork from Sam Bentley

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