BitTorrent’s Ocean Beach Cleanup 2014

BitTorrent gives back during the Holiday Season.

We have fun here at BitTorrent.

In 2014, we did company-wide outings every other month, organized and led by our fearless office manager Erica Medeiros. It’s easy to say that they were fun: From an overnight whitewater rafting trip to a fabulous holiday party, our outings were focused on bonding with each other and enjoying BitTorrent’s culture.

But it was time for us to give back.

Organized for the holiday season, our Ocean Beach Cleanup was our most proactive event for charity in 2014. Team BitTorrent braved some not-so-ideal weather to clean up trash and other debris from the coast.

From Erica:

December probably wasn’t the best timing, as the conditions were pretty miserable, but 20+ people showed up to clean Ocean Beach. We are looking forward to more volunteering and giving back in 2015!

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