More Bleep For Less: New Update Brings Data Reduction

Today we’re releasing the latest version of the Bleep Alpha that helps makes the mobile version streamlined for sustained usage. While we’re still making headway in that journey, today’s latest update to the app brings a significant reduction in data — specifically for our mobile users.

We’ve been able to reduce the data through optimizing our DHT protocol for all platforms, and also working on mobile-specific initiatives. The result is that the app will consume less data and less battery over time while the app is not being actively used.

We will continue to fine-tune our app to make our data usage even more mobile-friendly, so we still advise to use Bleep on cellular data at your own discretion. But we’re proud to continue to tailor Bleep to the needs of our mobile users.

As always, thanks so much for your continued support, and we’re looking forward to sharing our next steps with you.

Photo: Flickr/Catherine Jamieson

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