Friday Download: Lowtemporary Vol. 1

Gramatik and Co. kick off 2015 with the release of Lowtemporary Vol. 1 via BitTorrent Bundle

In this edition of Friday Download: No genre’s are off limits when Gramatik is at the helm, as is the case with Lowtemp Records, his indie label “created by artists for artists”. From cinematic soundscapes to breackneck beats, the label’s debut comp, Lowtemporary Vol. 1 features 11 tracks from Lowtemp artists Gramatik, Russ Liquid, BRANX, Exmag and more, plus 5 brand new tracks including “Boogaloo Blues” from Temu, “Glendora” feat. ILLUMNTR & Dexx from Emilijo AC, “What Do I Gotta Prove” from ILLUMNTR, “Ready For It” feat. iDA HAWK from Marshall McGee, and “Pale Moonlight” feat. Donnie Trumpet & KSRA from ProbCause.

Get the Lowtemporary Vol. 1 Bundle to unlock the new compilation and the full 2014 Lowtemp Records collection. Enter your email to unlock video from the 2014 Lowtemp artist showcase and a brand new single from ProbCause. We linked up with Gramatik to talk Lowtemp, the new comp and what fans can expect in 2015. Read up.

Gramatik Live copy

BitTorrent: 2014 was a big year for you and Lowtemp. What was your favorite moment from 2014?

Gramatik: I think the biggest achievement for Lowtemp last year was getting it up and running. It’s slowly starting to make a name for itself. In 2014: we released a lot of music, we built up our roster with international artists, and we had a couple of successful tours. I would have to say Red Rocks was a pretty special milestone in our endeavor, we sold out the legendary venue with mostly Lowtemp artists. And we also had a successful year in Europe, we sold out most of the Gramatik shows and we’re coming back in 2015.

We don’t want to be known just by one sound, we like good music and that comes in different genres.

BitTorrent: Lowtemp features a really diverse roster of artists. What are looking for from an artist before you’d consider adding them to the Lowtemp roster?

Gramatik: Before we release anything we’re looking for that spark, the difference they bring to the table, what makes them different from other artists out there. We don’t want to limit ourselves on just one genre, we’re always looking for fresh sounds and diversity. We just released a funk album. We released Luxas’s album, his most cinematic album so far. We have French artists that bring that French flavor to the table and Russ Liquid, Exmag, BRANX and Illumntr that are all doing their own thing and it’s awesome. We don’t want to be known just by one sound, we like good music and that comes in different genres.

BitTorrent: How important do you think it is for successful artists to develop the next wave of upcoming artists? What are your hopes for the future of Lowtemp Records?

Gramatik: After a terrible experience with my first label, and after I completed obligations for my second label, I decided that I want to be in control of my own career and my own music. At the time I lived with other musicians and producers and that’s when I decided to put my name behind a new label and release music my friends and fellow musicians were creating. We started from scratch, we developed a plan, did the design, we hired PR and a distributor and Lowtemp was born. It suddenly became evident that the idea was appealing to other artists.

My wish for the label is to proceed on the path that it’s on right now, keep being diverse and continue to be an outlet for young and creative individuals and musicians.

With the Bundle, we’re starting a new period for Lowtemp, we’re just putting it in the next gear. We did the redesign, we freshened up our visual a bit, make it more applicable and fresh. We have new music coming out, I’ll be releasing my new EP through Lowtemp. My wish for the label is to proceed on the path that it’s on right now, keep being diverse and continue to be an outlet for young and creative individuals and musicians.

BitTorrent: What can we expect from Lowtemporary Vol 1 and the Lowtemp BitTorrent Bundle?

Gramatik: In the Lowtemp Bundle, you’ll get every release we put out since the beginning, all in one place. There’s is a lot of good music in the Bundle, I think everyone can find something for him/herself. Lowtemporary is the first annual compilation with the best of 2014 and it also features new exclusive songs never released before. Our goal is to release Lowtemporary compilation every year and show the best Lowtemp has to offer.


Lowtemporary Vol. 1 Bundle Contents

01 Lowtemp Records – Lowtemporary Vol. 1 [Audio]
02 Gramatik – The Age Of Reason [Audio]
03 Exmag – Proportions [Audio]
04 Gibbz – Who Gibbz A F#@$ EP [Audio]
05 Gramatik – Get A Grip Remixes [Audio]
06 Russ Liquid – In Love [Audio]
07 ILLUMNTR – Soul Sister [Audio]
08 BRANX – Look But Don’t Touch [Audio]
09 Freddy Todd – Golden Tremendous [Audio]
10 Luxas – The Bridge [Audio]
11 Andrew Block – You Can Only Go Up From Here [Audio]
12 Lowtemp 2014 Singles Collection [Audio]
13 Lowtemp Showcase 2014 [Video]

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