Staff Picks: The FilmBuff Documentary Collection

16 acclaimed films from the independent distributor. Now playing on BitTorrent Bundle.

Documentary film is a powerful thing. It puts a frame on the world around us. It transforms conversations. At its best, it changes culture. In partnership with FilmBuff, we’re bringing a 4-Bundle, 16-film collection of award-winning documentaries to BitTorrent Bundle.

“More options for filmmakers, more ways to help them profit from their projects, leads to better content. This isn’t just for the sake of filmmakers. It’s for the sake of everyone who want to see better films.”
Doug Hamilton, Director, Broadway Idiot

FilmBuff’s documentary collection highlights independent film’s most compelling storytellers, addressing issues ranging from digital rights to creative expression. Each $15 Bundle contains four films and extras; four lenses on life in contemporary society. Scroll down to check out the full collection.

Each Bundle contains HD, feature length films, and may be up to 20GB. Preview trailers for free. Pay $15 to download or stream each feature collection.

Sonic Journeys: Rock Doc Collection

Broadway Idiot (2013)
From punk rock to the Great White Way, go behind the scenes with Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and watch the transformation of American Idiot from GRAMMY Award-winning album to hit Broadway musical.

Fading West (2013)
Part rock documentary, part surf film, and part travelogue, Fading West follows GRAMMY Award-winning alt rock band Switchfoot as they travel the globe in search of new musical inspiration and perfect waves.

The Big Easy Express (2013)
This 2013 GRAMMY Award-winning film documents a cinematic musical journey with indie folk heroes Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Tennessee’s Old Crow Medicine Show, and Britain’s acclaimed Mumford & Sons as they climb aboard a vintage train to tour America.

The Secret to a Happy Ending (2009)
The Secret to a Happy Ending follows Drive-By Truckers, their congregation of fans, and the redemptive power of rock and roll. Filmmaker Barr Weissman combines tour footage, studio film, and legendary live performances to explore music in the changing American South: its tangled past and strange beauty.

American Roots: History Doc Collection

Awake Zion (2010)
Awake Zion explores the unsuspecting connections between Rasta, Reggae, and Judaism, through one woman’s beat-laden adventure into the meaning of identity.

Brooklyn Boheme (2011)
An intimate portrait of the black arts movement that exploded in Fort Greene from the mid 1980s through the 90s as told by writer, historian and Brooklyn resident Nelson George.

Icons Among Us (2009)
Jazz is a living thing, a conversation between musicians and each other, as well as between musicians and the audience. By combining archival footage, interviews with 75 jazz artists and live recordings culled from 25 hours of concerts, Icons Among Us provides a dynamic and engaging document of many of the greatest jazz musicians of today.

The Russian Winter (2012)
GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter/producer John Forté embarks on a 9-week, 5-city tour across Russia to collaborate with some of the continent’s greatest talents amidst the starkness of the region’s most trying season. Part tour diary, part biopic, Forté documents the remarkable journey that takes him from Brownsville, Brooklyn to Phillips Exeter Academy.

Digital Revolution: Internet Doc Collection

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)
Chronicling programming prodigy Aaron Swartz’s efforts crusading for open access and the resulting legal nightmare and tragedy that ensued, The Internet’s Own Boy is a dynamic portrait of a brilliant tech millionaire who renounced the values of Silicon Valley startup culture and used technology to tirelessly fight for social justice, no matter the cost.

The Startup Kids (2013)
The Startup Kids is a documentary about the growing number of young web dynamos such as the founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kiip, InDinero, Dropbox, and Foodspotting in the U.S. and Europe. Made by two Icelandic entrepreneurs who founded their first company shortly after the economic collapse of Iceland, this doc is an insider’s look into what it takes to make it, even when everyone is telling you it is impossible.

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard (2013)
Equally celebrated and reviled, the founders of the Swedish file-sharing platform, The Pirate Bay, see themselves as contributing to a free and open marketplace with the sole aim to run the world’s largest web platform, Hollywood’s legion of copyright lawyers see them as hard nosed criminals.

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists (2012)
We Are Legion is an insider’s look into the world of Anonymous, the hacktivist collective with no defined leadership or structure that is responsible for numerous acts worldwide internet-based civil disobedience.

Arcade Stories: Video Game Collection

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience (2012)
100 Yen is a historical documentary about the evolution of arcades and the culture surrounding it – from the birth of arcades to the game centers that still thrive today.

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters (2011)
A documentary that captures the greatest world record Tetris players as they prepare for the Classic Tetris World Championship. From the days of Thor Aackerlund and his historic victory at the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, right up to the present and Harry Hong’s perfect “Max-Out” score, this film expertly chronicles over two decades of Tetris Mastery.

Playing Columbine (2009)
Made on a shoestring budget with entry-level middleware, “Super Columbine Massacre RPG!” has easily provoked more debate and discussion than one could imagine a 16-bit role-playing game ever would. In this true story of video game controversy, the history of the game is traced back to its inception, through the 2006 shooting at Dawson College in which the game was singled out by the media as a “murder simulator” that “trained” the shooter, and finally the game’s removal from the list of finalists at the Slamdance 2007 Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition – prompting half the entries and a sponsor to pull out of the festival in protest. Beyond the controversial game itself, the film explores how controversial media is covered in the press, the school shooting phenomenon, and the future of games as an expressive medium.

Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time (2012)
Beginning with Space Invaders in 1978, arcade games began to appear everywhere. By 1982, there were 13,000 dedicated arcade locations across North America. It was the golden age of arcade games, generating $3.2 billion dollars in 1983. By 1985, revenue had fallen 97%. Atari declared bankruptcy. Arcades closed. Most of the old games were converted or destroyed. This is the story of arcades, and the generation who grew up
there — who are today cataloging, collecting, and preserving their gaming memories.

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