BADBADNOTGOOD x Ghostface Killah

Grab the Sour Soul Bundle to unlock an exclusive new single featuring Ghostface Killah more from BBNG.

For their 2015 debut, avant-jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD have teamed with Ghostface Killah to drop Sour Soul, the band’s 4th release, available February 23rd on Lex Records. BBNG’s hypnotic trap-jazz has been featured on a slew of collabs with the likes of Danny Brown, Earl Sweatshirt, RZA and MF Doom. Today, the Toronto outfit’s new single “Tone’s Rap” with the legendary Ghostface Killah from their album Sour Soul is available via BitTorrent Bundle.

Pick up the Sour Soul Bundle to get the brand new BBNG X Ghostface single and a digital box set from the BBNG crew. Also included in the Bundle are choice BBNG cuts and instrumentals from records past, the official “Ray Gun” feat. MF DOOM music video and an exclusive BBNG photo set. Unlock the Bundle here.

BBNG Bundle

01 BBNG x Ghostface Killah – Tone’s Rap [Audio]
02 BBNG x Ghostface Killah – Ray Gun feat. MF DOOM Single and Instrumental [Audio]
03 BBNG x Ghostface Killah – Ray Gun feat. MF DOOM Official Music Video [Video]
04 BBNG and MF DOOM – Guv’nor Single and instrumental [Audio]
05 BBNG Original Tracks Collection [Audio]
06 Sour Soul Recording Session Photo Set [Photos]
07 BBNG Posters, Artwork and Illustrations [Artwork]

BBNG Sour Soul Sessions Photo 3

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