Salva X BitTorrent Bundle: PEACEMAKER DELUXE

Fresh off an 8-city national tour, the LA-based producer brings PEACEMAKER to BitTorrent Bundle, featuring 2 new bonus tracks, music videos, the original mixtape, and instrumentals.

Salva’s PEACEMAKER was the holy shit mixtape of 2014: a diverse record that spans minimalist synth and super-kinetic rap; a weird and ranging dialogue with hip hop’s now and future, in collaboration with Schoolboy Q, Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs, E-40, A$AP Ferg, Problem, and more.

After spending February on the road, Salva is back with PEACEMAKER DELUXE, a digital box set featuring the original 13-track PEACEMAKER mixtape, exclusive instrumentals, and two new music videos for “Baking Soda” and “Trap Back”. Listen up.


Instant Download
01 “Baking Soda” feat. Paul Fisher (Video)
02 “Trap Back” feat. Paul Fisher (Video)

Email Unlock
01 “Freaking U” feat. Starship Connection (Audio)
02 “Child Pak” feat. Ballout & Tadoe Child Pak Feat. Ballout & Tadoe (Audio)
03 “Old English” feat. Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs & A$AP Ferg (Audio)
04 “Trap Back” feat. Paul Fisher (Audio)
05 “Magic” feat. Freddie Gibbs & Psyde of PsychoDrama (Audio)
06 “Freaky Dancing” feat. Ruckazoid (Audio)
07 “Young Gotti Speaks” (Audio)
08 “Motel” feat. Kurupt & E-40 (Audio)
09 “Drop That Bitch” feat. Kurupt, Schoolboy Q, Problem & Bad Lucc (Audio)
10 “Moves 2 Make” feat. Problem (Audio)
11 “Motivated” feat. Problem (Audio)
12 “A Lotta…” feat. MPA Shitro (Audio)
13 “Baking Soda” feat. Paul Fisher (Audio)
14 “Compton” feat. Problem (Audio)
15 “I Could Be” feat. Rome Fortune & Rojai (Audio)
16 PEACEMAKER Instrumentals (Audio)

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