Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Release ‘If I Were Free’ @ GOTR Daytrotter Session Music Video

“And here is an album that spans that time. 20 songs from that 7 year frame, as a tip of the hat to that time we shared with you – our of appreciators, our co-conspirators, our people.” – Alex Ebert

Last week Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, announced the release of Live In No Particular Order, out next Monday, March 16th, exclusively via BitTorrent Bundle. Today, as a prelude to the new live album, the group has released an official live video for the track ‘If I Were Free’. Recorded live at Daytrotter Studio in August 2013, the the track and video will be included in the Live In No Particular Order Bundle, out next Monday.

Download the Bundle for a minimum pay-what-you-want contribution of $5. 100% of proceeds from the Bundle will go to Big Sun Foundation; a not-for-profit California Corporation dedicated to facilitating more sustainable and communal living throughout the world.

The Live In No Particular Order Bundle is out next Monday, March 16th.

About Big Sun Foundation

Big Sun is a not-for-profit California Corporation founded by members of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros dedicated to assisting and facilitating more sustainable and communal living throughout the world. We work to provide funding, operational support, and services to Community Land Trusts, Co-Ops, and other motivated groups committed to forging such communities and opportunities in their area.

From Community Gardens to Maker Spaces to Urban Villages and Rural Farms, Big Sun works for those visionaries and innovators already on their way to creating a better life for their communities, but who need some help in getting there. Your donations will work to help bring people into better harmony with themselves, their work, and their environment, one community at a time.

Get more info on Big Sun Foundation.

About BitTorrent Bundle

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