Palooza Report: March 2015

Every couple of months, BitTorrent’s staff spends two days in a company-wide hackathon. The goal: to come up with an innovative project that embraces the company’s mission of distributed technology, user control, and sustaining an open internet. We call these a Palooza. Here’s the results of what happened at our latest event.

At BitTorrent, we have a structured way to get our employees to do some unstructured thinking. The concept is the Palooza — a few days where employees from across departments come together to create a project.


In the past, Paloozas have been a wellspring of ideas for the company. A number of Palooza projects have turned into real products for the company — including Sync, Bundle, and Bleep. Our most recent Palooza proved no different, offering a wealth of ideas from across all of our departments.

We can’t reveal the exact nature of the project that took home the prize, these early projects remain in stealth until ready for public consumption. However, we can say that the winning team — composed of a multi-departmental effort between Corey Hall, Annabell Satterfield, Robert McDonald, Jeff Kyung and Erica Medieros — impressed everyone with their simple yet sorely needed idea.

Paloozas have become an integral way for our teams to innovate, creating new concepts and making important strides in the ongoing development of our current products. We’re looking forward to sharing more about how we’re making life better soon.

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