Kodak To Graph Shares Isa Digital Box Set

The debut album from producer Mikey Maleki gets a BitTorrent Bundle reissue: featuring the original ten track album, video, art, and an exclusive new digital zine.

Iranian-American producer Mikey Maleki records as Kodak To Graph: capturing the sound and stillness of life as it unfolds around us; ambient sound as autobiography. His debut album, Isa, was released on March 10th. The texture-heavy project traces the artist’s journey from Gainesville, Florida to downtown LA.

“It was important to me that I tried to let ideas do their own thing as much as possible without getting in their way or strangling them too much. The music is this thing that is going to happen on its own, and I’m only going to get in its way. So I wanted to make sure I was conscious of letting the music do its own thing.

The basis of writing the record was simple, I let what’s going on in my life at that given time guide the thread and hopefully at the end of the day the songs together tell a story. It’s important that the listener doesn’t have an idea where the thread is going to take them, and that the songs can twist, that you can be taken from the vibrance of a flowery field to the haze of a dark club and it can feel natural. The record can feel delicate or intense, gloomy or jovial, danceable or pensive, but the thread will carry you throughout. Isa is a album of contrast – stillness and movement.”

To mark the start of his Break The Ice tour, Kodak To Graph is sharing Isa with fans for free as a BitTorrent Bundle. Instantly unlock an exclusive new digital zine and tour poster. Enter your email to download Isa, a Big Wild remix of “Los Angeles”, video, art, and more.


Instant Download

01 Kodak To Graph: Zine (Art)

02 Break The Ice Poster (Art)

Email Unlock

01 Belong (Audio)

02 Floating (Audio)

03 Desolation Wilderness (Audio)

04 Los Angeles (Audio)

05 Fake Murblock (Audio)

06 Nylon Courtyard (Audio)

07 IAMANTHEM (Audio)

08 Limnetic (Audio)

09 Glaciaa (Audio)

10 Arc Lantern (Audio)

11 IAMANTHEM (Video)

12 Isa Album Covers (Art)

See Kodak to Graph on tour. Dates and tickets here.

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