Ricky Rouse Has A Gun Becomes First Graphic Novel to Be Released Via BitTorrent Bundle

Jörg Tittel and John Aggs’ graphic novel is part Die Hard, part Disneyland; an illustrated trip through all the weirdness of contemporary copyright culture. Of course it belongs here.

At first glance, nothing is original in Ricky Rouse Has A Gunl. And that’s the point. A U.S. Army deserter swaps camouflage for fake mouse ears in a knock-off theme park outside of Shanghai. He fights neocons. He maybe saves the day. Ricky Rouse is action, and comedy, and all in good fun. It’s also a beautiful, ruthless examination of quotation culture; our world as imitation.

Last April, SelfMadeHero brought an exclusive preview of Ricky Rouse to BitTorrent Bundle: featuring 33 pages from the graphic novel and a music video from James Lavelle. The preview Bundle was downloaded by more than 245,000 fans around the world. According to SelfMadeHero’s Sam Humphrey:

BitTorrent Bundle is offering a new and flexible way to offer digital graphic novels directly to our readers. The platform gives us control over the price and allows us to learn who our readers are and how to reach them. We can offer free content and digital giveaways and offer up digital books in an unrestricted format. It also allows us to avoid costly per-MB delivery charges – a big issue for graphic novel publishers today.

Today, SelfMadeHero is bringing the full edition of Ricky Rouse Has a Gun to BitTorrent Bundle for $5.00. Grab the Bundle here to unlock the graphic novel in PDF, CBR, and CBZ formats.

Ricky Rouse Has a Gun was named one of the Best Books of 2014 by Boston Globe and is also available in Paperback from all quality booksellers.

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