Pay What You Want For ‘Say It Loud’, The New Album From GRiZ Available Today Via BitTorrent Bundle.

“‘Say It Loud’ is the funkiest, most soulful and fun album I’ve ever made.  This music is for all of us.  It’s meant to be experienced, danced to, sang along with, felt.  That’s what it’s all about.”  – GRiZ

2013’s Rebel Era cemented GRiZ’s status as an artist to watch; a soulful, diverse LP spanning gritty bass and funk jams. Say It Loud marks that album’s much-anticipated followup: futuristic soul and driving beats, featuring guest appearances from Talib Kweli, The Floozies, Ivan Neville, and more. Pay what you want to unlock the 10-track record, plus an exclusive bonus track and a special offer from GRiZ and the All Good Records team for his Say It Loud World Tour.  Turn it up.  Say It Loud.

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01 Say It Loud Album (Audio)

02 Say It Loud Album Trailer (Video)

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03 Bonus Track: “Take It High ft. Ivan Neville” (Audio)

04 Thank You Note From GRiZ  (Art)

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