BBC Worldwide Brings a Decade of New Doctor Who to BitTorrent Bundle

The celebrated series reboot marks ten years since its return with a ten episode box set featuring specially selected highlights from the last ten years of New Who for $12.

Doctor Who is an iconic television series which has become a global phenomenon, a show featuring a unique hero who can travel anywhere in space and time: spanning fifty years and twelve regenerations to become the longest running sci-fi series in history.

“This innovative deal with BitTorrent allows us to directly reach a huge number of consumers and engage with fans on a global and fast-growing digital platform. Music content has seen tremendous success through BitTorrent Bundle, and this deal is the first of its kind for British TV content.”

Julia Kenyon, Director of Drama Brands, BBC Worldwide

Ten years ago, the Doctor’s journey began anew with Russell T Davies and “Rose”. The Time Lord moved into the 21st century, and demanded we look beyond it, too: into our shared history, our future; towards the edge of what’s possible when it comes to adventures and storytelling.

“For over fifty years, Doctor Who has challenged the way we see time, space, and TV — the way we tell stories. A series like this should be part of a versatile platform; one capable of reaching and engaging fans around the world. BitTorrent Bundle is that platform. It’s fantastic that BBC Worldwide is the media organization forward-thinking enough to make a release like this possible. This is an exciting way for fans to celebrate ten years of New Who and we are honored to welcome the good Doctor to BitTorrent Bundle.”

Matt Mason, Chief Content Officer, BitTorrent

To mark a decade of New Doctor Who, BBC Worldwide is bringing an exclusive ten-episode box set to BitTorrent Bundle. Watch Peter Capaldi break down the best of Doctor Who. Then, download or stream the Decade of the Doctor collection, with special video features, for $12. Your journey through time and space starts here.

BBC Worldwide: A Decade of the Doctor
Instant Download / Stream

01 The Decade of Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

02 Rose Preview (Series 1, Episode 1) [Video]
$12 Bundle
10 Episodes from 2005 – 2014

01 Rose (Series 1, Episode 1) [Video]

02  The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances (Series 1, Episode 9) [Video]

03 The Girl in the Fireplace (Series 2, Episode 4) [Video]

04 Blink (Series 3, Episode 10) [Video]

05 The End of Time (Special 2-Part Episode, 2009) [Video]

06 The Vampires of Venice (Series 5, Episode 6) [Video]

07 The Doctor’s Wife (Series 6, Episode 4) [Video]

08 The Rings of Akhaten (Series 7, Episode 7) [Video]

09 The Day of the Doctor (50th Anniversary Special, 2013) [Video]

10 Listen (Series 8, Episode 4) [Video]
An Introduction to New Who

01 Rose: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

02 The Girl in the Fireplace: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

03 Blink: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

04 The Vampires of Venice: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

05 The Rings of Akhaten: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]
Special Features

01 Earth Conquest (TV Movie, 2014) [Video]

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