Images now Available on Bleep

As we continue to create our device-to-device messaging App, Bleep, we’ve made it a priority to provide our users the features they’re used to seeing in standard messaging apps, but with a peer-to-peer twist. Today, we’re excited to bring photo support to Bleep: send and receive photos on Android, and receive-only on Windows and Mac.

You can now share a single photo or a collection of photos straight from one device to another, and it will show up within the chat window.


We’ve also made significant stability and reliability improvements, particularly with data and battery usage on Android. If you are an Android user, you can now use Bleep on cellular data comfortably. We’ve also introduced an easy on-boarding process that will automatically connect users to people who have invited them to Bleep. Now, you won’t have to go through the hassle of connecting with a friend you’ve already recommended to the platform.

Moving forward, we are in the process of laying down important groundwork for our beta with unique features not yet found in our alpha product. Thank you so much for supporting us through this Alpha process, and we’re looking forward to showing you the next step in peer-to peer-communication.

Photo: Flickr/Paul Reynolds/

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