Staff Picks: Dynamite Comics Mega Bundle

Unlock a 200-issue collection of graphic novels from Dynamite Comics for just $6.00 via BitTorrent Bundle.

Since launching in 2004, Dynamite Comics has become one of the the comic book industry’s revered independent comic book distributors, featuring work from some of the world’s best graphic novel writers and illustrators, including Kevin SmithGeorge RR Martin, and Alex Ross. Comic book aficionados from around the world call Dynamite home. And today, Dynamite’s coming to BitTorrent Bundle.  The publisher’s teamed with BitTorrent Bundle to offer fans The Dynamite Mega Bundle, an exclusive digital collection featuring over 200 issues from 30 different Dynamite titles, for a minimum pay what you want payment of just $6.00.

Unlock this exclusive collection from Dynamite now on BitTorrent Bundle.


01 Vampirella Masters Series – Volumes 2 and 4 [Graphic Novel]

02 Amanda Hawking’s The Hollows [Graphic Novel]

03 George RR Martin’s Wild Cards [Graphic Novel]

04 Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Moon Called – Volumes 1 and 2 [Graphic Novel]

05 Project Superpowers – Volume 1 [Graphic Novel]

06 Green Hornet – Volumes 1 and 2 [Graphic Novel]

07 Cryptozoic Man [Graphic Novel]

08 Red Sonja – Volume 2 [Graphic Novel]

09 Pathfinder [Graphic Novel]

10 Dean Koontz: Frankenstein Prodigal Son – Volume 1 [Graphic Novel]

11 Kirby Genesis [Graphic Novel]

12 Django/Zorro [Graphic Novel]

13 Twilight Zone [Graphic Novel]

14 Doodle Jump [Graphic Novel]

15 Bob’s Burgers [[Graphic Novel]

16 Jim Butcher: Dresden War Cry [Graphic Novel]

17 Jungle Girl – Season 1 and 2 [Graphic Novel]

18 Robert Jordan: The Wheel of Time [Graphic Novel]

19 Mocking Dead [Graphic Novel]

20 Chaos [Graphic Novel]

21 Legendary [Graphic Novel]

22 Sherlock Holmes Trial – Volume 1 [Graphic Novel]

23 Monster War [Graphic Novel]

24 Alice Cooper [Graphic Novel]

25 Uncanny [Graphic Novel]

26 Mark Waid’s Green Hornet [Graphic Novel]

27 The Warriors: Jailbreak [Graphic Novel]

28 Ex-Con [Graphic Novel]

29 Shaft [Graphic Novel]

30 Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 1: Grant Morrison and Mark MIllar [Graphic Novel]

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