Monica Piriz Joins BitTorrent Live Team

Mobile Live Streaming App Demo’d at TV Tomorrow as OTT Vet Joins the Live Team

The BitTorrent Live team brought on board it’s newest member this week, with Monica Piriz joining as Vice President of Programming and Acquisition.


Monica Piriz joins BitTorrent Live as VP of Programming and Acquisition

Monica joins the BitTorrent Live team from OTT specialist Piksel, where she served as Vice President of Content Acquisition and Strategy overseeing Piksel Content Services.

Led by Vice President Erik Schwartz, the Live team is at the TV of Tomorrow conference this week in New York City showing demonstrations of a forthcoming mobile-focused, multi-channel OTT live streaming product based on BitTorrent Live, a proprietary live video streaming protocol.

BitTorrent Live allows for very large audiences to view live video with low latency and without the need for an expensive CDN or pre-provisioning. The technology has been undergoing real world tests with a number of broadcast partners.

BitTorrent’s work for distributed online live broadcasting, with its improvements on lag and scaling, is going to deliver a huge win for broadcasters and viewers alike. Stay tuned. We’ll be bringing you more on this soon. And sign up to receive emails if you want to be the first to know.

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