Caleb Groh Debuts “Thunder At” Music Video

The Nashville electro-pop songwriter drops his latest visual on BitTorrent Now.

For his latest album, Caleb Groh spent two years transforming timbres and tweaking sounds, turning a collection of acoustic tunes into cinematic electro-folk orchestrations. We caught up with Caleb to chat about his album Ocelot and what comes next as he preps the release of his newest video for the single “Thunder At”.

BitTorrent: After writing the bones of most of these tunes, what caused you to experiment more heavily with the sounds compared to past releases to create this electronic-hybrid instrumentation?

Caleb: The first few lines of the album describe the exact moment, when I realized that I was completely, creatively limitless. We all are. We have the Internet now, our genres aren’t confined to geography, culture or even the genre itself. The whole process of making the album felt less like experimenting, and more like opening the floodgates.

BitTorrent: When did you know you had reached the final incarnation of these songs after two years of work?

Caleb: It was completely visceral, there was definitely a moment with each song where I just knew. Vox took a few days, Vocelot took 6 months.

BitTorrent: Although this album is a fresh release, I have to ask about what’s next. How do you think the writing process of this record effects what you’ll put out next?

Caleb: While recording Ocelot, my engineer (Chad Wahlbrink) told me he’d rather I take the money I was paying him, and put it toward a computer to work on the songs myself. Totally fair, since I took years of his time to find the perfect sounds. I took his advice after the fact, and then finished the Hot Pop EP within a month. Similarly, the next record is already coming along a lot faster than Ocelot. I know myself better than before, an am more comfortable than ever in my creative freedom.

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