Caveman Drops New Album “Otero War” On BitTorrent Now

The new full length plus four acoustic exclusives from the Brooklyn Quintet.

This week, Brooklyn’s Caveman drops Otero War, their third full length album release. Laden with retro vocal slapbacks and pop rock production prowess with Albert Di Fiore (producer) and Michael Brauer (mixing) at the helm, Caveman hit their stride on #3 with an album that fits right between your copies The Killers’ Hot Fuss and Beck’s Morning Phase.

Grab your copy on BitTorrent Now and pick up 4 exclusive acoustic tracks to spin alongside the album.


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01 Never Going Back (Acoustic) [Audio]

02 Human (Acoustic) [Audio]

03 80 West (Acoustic) [Audio]

04 Own My Own (Acoustic) [Audio]

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01 Otero War MP3 [Album]

02 Otero War WAV [Album]

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