Yung Jake Premieres USB On BitTorrent

Capturing the sound of the Internet across eight new tracks.

For Yung Jake, the Internet is a palette; a place where emojis and pop-up windows can be used, literally, like paint. In his work, the surreality of the web is something you can see, hear, and totally feel.

This past week, the artist and friends spent some time exploring IRL landscapes; the geography of emerging art, music, and sound unfolding across Los Angeles; with performances, art shows, and pop ups across the city. To cap off 5 Nights With Yung Jake , we’re premiering 8 new tracks.

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01 Theme Song (Prod. by Larry David) [Audio]

02 Wasted (Prod. by The Code) [Audio]

03 Pullup (Prod. by Judge) [Audio]

04 Keep Up (Prod. by Izzy The Producer [Audio]

05 Attention (Prod. by Yung Lan) [Audio]

06 Fuck Around (Prod. by Yung Lan) [Audio]

07 A [Audio]

08 Don’t Think (prod. Two Fresh) [Audio]

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01 Both [Video]

02 Look [Video]

03 She Don’t Need To Know [Video]

04 Datamosh [Audio]

05 E.m-bed.de_d (Prod. Max Barbaria) [Audio]

06 Look [Audio]

07 She Don’t Need To Know [Audio]

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