BitTorrent News to Launch at Republican National Convention

Following the introduction of BitTorrent Live, a multichannel OTT app based on proprietary live streaming technology, today we unveil the details of the much anticipated BitTorrent News.

BitTorrent News is a live-streaming TV news network that will be featured on BitTorrent Live starting July 18th. For news and sports, time is of the essence. BitTorrent News will be the destination for an informed, independent voice on the news in real-time as news breaks. BitTorrent News has a distinct advantage when scaling rapidly to large audiences in real-time without the need for expensive pre-provisioning, a near impossible feat during a rapidly developing news situation.

“Television news has been stagnating for some time,” offered Erik Schwartz, Vice President of Media for BitTorrent, Inc. “It’s having trouble appealing to a generation that grew up online. We’re building BitTorrent News to solve that problem. We are using superior data and tools and the Silicon Valley ethos of lean startup to build a nimble news organization that will learn quickly from user behavior.”

It’s been one of the wildest election years in recent memory in the US and BitTorrent News will launch in time to bring an independent voice to both Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention.

The RNC is up first, on July 18 in Cleveland, which is when BitTorrent News will officially begin broadcasting. Led by News Director Harrison Bohrmnan, the BitTorrent News team will offer a welcome independent voice on all the news from the convention. The team on the ground will include:

  • Michael Shure (@michaelshure): former Chief Political Correspondent for Al Jazeera America
  • James Reinl (@jamesreinl): journalist, most recently with Al Jazeera English
  • Rita Chan (@ProducedbyRita): producer most recently with Al Jazeera
  • Alice Anil (@alice_anil): documentary filmmaker and journalist, covers policy for Know Bullshit
  • Justin Robert Young (@JustinRYoung): podcaster, journalist, and comedian
  • Doc Stodden (@docstodden): professor of political science

The format for the conventions will include play-by-play commentary on all developments and speeches. This will be interspersed with guest commentary in real-time; both on issues raised and issues omitted. There will be 10-12 hours of live coverage every day during the conventions. Each morning will start with 2 hours of live programming; daily coverage will then continue at 2pm with a wrap-up segment for an hour after the final speeches each day.

“We are marrying the Internet’s principles of open access to information with society’s need for unfettered – and unfiltered – access to news,” offered Jeremy Johnson, co-CEO of BitTorrent, Inc. “Not to be too grandiose, but I’m really excited about our News initiative. I think what we’re doing is important for the world.”

Post-conventions, election coverage and other news will continued to be a feature of BitTorrent News. We will be covering other areas as well, including the worlds of action and alternative sports. Those segments will empower progressive athletes from outside the mainstream to tell their stories directly. The first of these athletes is Sara Price, one of the winningest racers in motorsports.

BitTorrent News will be available on the multichannel app, BitTorrent Live. Currently available on Apple TV and OS X with other platforms being introduced soon.

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