BitTorrent News Goes Live Today from the RNC

Josh Rubin Joins Production Team in Partnership with The Daily Dot, BitTorrent Live now available on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV

BitTorrent News begins broadcasting today at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland (see: BitTorrent News to Launch at Republican National Convention).

The news team adds Josh Rubin (@jrubin), the executive producer and managing editor for The Daily Dot and a veteran of CNN with more than fifteen years of experience covering politics and breaking news.

This is part of a partnership to join The Daily Dot’s editorial with BitTorrent’s ground breaking streaming technology and provide our audiences new and better ways to access the news they care about. The Daily Dot is the ultimate destination for original reporting on Internet culture and life online.

BitTorrent News will feature play-by-play commentary on all developments and speeches during the conventions. This will be interspersed with guest commentary in real-time; both on issues raised and issues omitted. There will be 10-12 hours of live coverage every day during the conventions. Each morning will start with 2 hours of live programming; daily coverage will then continue at 2pm with a wrap-up segment for an hour after the final speeches each day.

BitTorrent News is viewable as a channel on BitTorrent Live. BitTorrent Live is currently available on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV; with OS X coming very soon.

Viewers can activate BitTorrent Live with a free BitTorrent account, which requires an email address to register.

You can follow BitTorrent News on Twitter: @BitTorrentNews

A blog set up for the conventions can be found here.

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