BitTorrent Live (and BitTorrent News), now available for OS X.

Download and tune-in to BitTorrent News’ coverage of the Republican National Convention

BitTorrent Live, the multichannel OTT app, is now available for  OS X (Apple laptops and desktops). Download the DMG file here.

One of the key channels on BitTorrent Live is BitTorrent News. If you’re not watching BitTorrent News’ coverage of the RNC, you’re missing out on some of the most insightful and hilarious commentary, such as Justin R Young (@JustinRYoung) dressed as a Charmander and responding to Senator Mike Lee’s comments on hating Pokemon Go.

Tune in tonight to watch our take on Donald Trump accepting the republican nomination. Ivanka Trump’s speech, Peter Thiel’s speech, and more biting commentary from the BTN team.

Some of the best segments of BTN’s convention coverage to date is available on-demand through BitTorrent Now.

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