BitTorrent News to Cover Historic Hillary Clinton Acceptance Speech

History will be made tonight when Hillary Clinton formally becomes the first female presidential candidate for a major US political party.

And nothing will be sacred as the BitTorrent News crew critiques, comments, and cracks-wise on the proceedings. Visit to download BitTorrent live for Mac, Apple TV, or Fire TV and tune-in to BitTorrent News to catch all the action.

Follow on Twitter: @BitTorrentNews for real time updates on speakers, spot guests, and other shenanigans.

ICYMI, last night’s coverage is available on our on-demand channel, BitTorrent Now. Check out:

President Obama pass the Torch of Hope to Hillary Clinton …

… and Vice President Biden Slam Trump:

Other highlights of the convention coverage are archived on BitTorrent Now. You can access them on-demand here.

Follow our news team on Twitter for more insights and wisecracks:

  • Michael Shure (@michaelshure): former Chief Political Correspondent for Al Jazeera America
  • James Reinl (@jamesreinl): journalist, most recently with Al Jazeera English
  • Rita Chan (@ProducedbyRita): producer most recently with Al Jazeera
  • Alice Anil (@alice_anil): documentary filmmaker and journalist, covers policy for Know Bullshit
  • Justin Robert Young (@JustinRYoung): podcaster, journalist, and comedian
  • Doc Stodden (@docstodden): professor of political science

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