Dream Experiment: collective unconscious

First, they were assigned someone else’s dream. Second, they were asked to ‘capture the spirit of the dream’ they received. Third, they created a one-of-a-kind anthology film known as collective:unconscious … co-directed/interpreted by filmmakers Lily Baldwin, Frances Bodomo, Daniel Patrick Carbone, Josephine Decker, and Lauren Wolkstein. This rapid eye movement cinema premiered at the SXSW Film Festival earlier this year.

Today the filmmakers release two versions of the film: one to watch with your eyes open and the other to watch with your eyes closed. “The Nyquil Version” is an invitation to join their experiment through a remix of the original feature meant to be slept through. When you awake, email your dream to collectiveunconciousfilm@gmail.com to share your dreams with the world.

Exclusive to BitTorrent, trade your email to the artists and then receive the Deluxe Edition bundle which includes the original recorded dreams, filmmaker liner-notes from executive producer Dan Schoenbrun, a dream-inspired playlist, scripts, moodboards, special behind-the-scenes photography, and more surprises. Melatonin not included.

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