BitTorrent Launches The Discovery Fund

Last December, we asked independent artists to weigh in on the present and future of creative sustainability. Not surprising, creators identified direct-to-fan distribution as most significant digitally-driven change. 59% of artists said getting their work discovered is the biggest challenge they face in their own career, followed by fan outreach. Digital distribution lives and dies by discovery, which often leaves fresh stories untold.

Today, we’re announcing The Discovery Fund, our latest (and perhaps most exciting) commitment to the independent community. Over the next year, BitTorrent aims to partner with 25 creators by providing cash grants and promotional support to build impactful releases and discover new fans. We are looking for artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and other creators working on uncompromised projects representing a diverse, original perspective seeking global distribution. This open, international initiative has a rolling call (so you can apply when your project is ready) and provides $2,500- $100,000 in marketing and distribution funding to use at your discretion.

We’ve worked with some of the most bold and talented artists today (Major Lazer, Thom Yorke, Lucy Walker, David Cross, IHEARTCOMIX, Penny Lane, De La Soul, Pretty Lights, Yung Jake, Lily Baldwin, Frances Bodomo, Daniel Patrick Carbone, Josephine Decker, and Lauren Wolkstein just to name a few) and are looking to incubate the world’s next wave of awesome, straight-up brave storytellers and outside voices.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear what you are working on and invite you to apply here.

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