Watch King of King’s Full Slate of Kickboxing Bouts This Saturday With BitTorrent Live

King of Kings is one of the most recognized brands in the world of kickboxing thanks to the intensity and spontaneity of their fights. This Saturday, October 1, they’re returning to action with a full slate of bouts broadcast through the FightBox HD channel and streaming on BitTorrent Live.

The action kicks off in Chisinau, Moldova, starting at 1 PM EST/10 AM Pacific, and will feature seven full fights, headlined by a clash between one of Moldova’s top fighters, Christian Dorel (32 – 7, 16 KOs) and the Polish rising star Dennis Wosik (22 – 1, 8 KOs), who can make a true name for himself on the world stage with a victory.

The full slate of fights are as follows:

  • Main Event, -71 kg: Dennis Wosik (Poland) vs. Cristian Dorel (Moldova)
  • -77 kg: Ilias Abdulaziev (Russia) vs. Denis Apavaloae (Moldova)
  • -85 kg: Sercan Kalfa (Turkey) vs. Aurel Ignat (Moldova)
  • -84 kg: Lukasz Lipniacki (Poland) vs. Nicolae Caraus (Moldova)
  • -71 kg: Vjaceslav Tevinsh (Latvia) vs. Alexandru Prepelita (Moldova)
  • -51 kg: Esma Hasshass (Holand) vs. Nadejda Kantsir (Moldova)
  • -71 kg: Florin Lambagiu (Romania) vs. Denis Teleshman (Moldova)

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