BitTorrent has a New Website!

The BitTorrent team is proud to unveil our new website, which is now available at Several months in the making, our goal was to make big improvements in site performance and stability. Now the site is faster to load, making it more efficient to find and download our trusted mobile and desktop torrent clients for users in all regions of the world.

With improved product navigation menus and better-organized information on pages, the new website makes it easier to differentiate between our web and desktop-based torrent software, as well as our mobile torrent clients. You can also check out the latest live streaming product, DLive, to explore countless genres of content.

We expanded the information available on our token initiatives, including BitTorrent (BTT), BitTorrent Speed and BTFS. Finally, we now support 17 languages, helping make it easier for you to find the products best suited to your needs.

With over 100 million active users each month, BitTorrent offers safe torrent download software for Windows and Mac, as well as a mobile torrent downloader for Android available on Google Play. We invite you to check out our site and hope you like it. If you have feedback or comments about our website or torrent clients, please send us a note here.

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