BTFS v1.5.0 Releasing Soon

According to official news, BTFS v1.5.0 will soon be released. Updates are as followed:

1. Repair mode

2. Visit BTFS-scan from Host page in one click

3. BTFS network upgrade

BTFS node repair mode is used for fixing file shards in the BTFS network which are lost due to offline Host nodes or deletion.An uploaded file will be converted into 30 shards based on a specific algorithm. These shards will be uploaded to 30 different Hosts. The algorithm also ensures that any 10 of the 30 shards can piece together a complete file.Under the repair mode, when the number of available shards for an uploaded file is lower than a certain threshold, BTFS network will broadcast the repair task to nodes with their repair mode on. Upon receiving these tasks, the repair nodes will download available shards and calculate lost ones, and find new Hosts to store these shards.

In an effort to encourage users to enable repair mode, BTFS team is now introducing two benefits:

1. Download rewards for nodes who download available shards and calculate lost ones.

2. Repair rewards for nodes who are the first to store lost shards onto new Hosts.

It will take some time to adjust reward parameters following the release, after which, the rewards will take effect upon a separate announcement.

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